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                 DISC-LOCK Tension Control Bolts are produced with full factory mill certifications and lot identification marked on the head of each bolt. Tension control bolts meet all AISC requirements and specifications of A.S.T.M. A325M. A490M structural bolts and DISC-LOCK Nuts meet all physical requirements of A.S.T.M. A194-2H. The DISC-LOCK Fastening System is approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Rail Administration. Each container of DISC-LOCK Rapid Tension bolts and nuts are labeled with lot number identification which corresponds to the lot number marked on each bolt in that container. The lot number allows for traceability of the bolt from raw material through manufacturing. The accompanying certification documents are traced to the actual bolts by the lot number identificationsystem. 


              1.First assemble the bolt and nut into the connection hole and "finger-tighten" the nut.
              2.Engage the twelve point socket of the installation tool on the Rapid Tension bolt and push on the tool to engage the outer socket over the nut.
              3.Rapid Tension is achieved by pressing the trigger of the installation tool. While the outer socket rotatesclockwise, the inner socket will rotate counter-clockwise ensuring a tight fit. When the proper tension of the bolt has been reached, the end spline of the bolt will separate from the bolt.
              4.Disengage the installation tool from the fastener and depress the discharge lever to remove the bolt spline from the socket.

              Rapid Tension is visually inspected. Installation is complete and the proper tension achieved if the spline has been separated from the Rapid Tension bolt.